Possibly tedious random thoughts from a page out of a notebook, in one paragraph.
Dream of a cookbook called THE WHITE BAG, packed with elaborate recipes. Incredible sounding deserts described in superlatives. The tease is - next to each recipe there is a photo of a well laid plate, empty except for a few crumbs, a sticky fork and a soiled napkin. The women are elderly mom and middle-age daughter, cousins of Jackie BKO. The duet are rich, living in a slummed mansion in Hampton. They eat cat food paté on crackers and fight over mundane things. These women may feel like a strange voyeuristic oddity. I find it weirdly inspiring that the more experience you have the more you can resonate with Edith and Eddie. Dangerous combination of stubborn, compulsive and impatient. For those of us that are seeing ourselves cross over into elder-land. The great part is I rarely get frantic nervous anymore. I wait for it to kick, and again and again...it doesn't... Some of you may remember a friend differentiating sweet from kind.... I find the word ‘ersatz’ hard to put in a sentence. And the word ‘thwarted’. I never hear that spoken aloud, only written in novels. Note: check if ‘Almost Certainly’ - is a cognitive behavior therapy And if this has something to do with the Knights of Templar and Free Masons.


  1. Love the visuals of each and every page the moment after consumption.
    You did not thwart this story. It is almost certainly a classic before its time, tho you are bound to be sued or cursed at the very least by the KoT.

  2. So...I'll that edit that part out and anyone that reads this since now will wonder what you were talking about...-J

  3. Hi Jayne. Okay, Lonnie, I may be an uncertain one(?)
    but I enjoyed this post.
    Shocking, how quickly we become "elder", and how little we see ourselves "changed" by age.(I still feel 35, even though I am much older than that!)