rew had sat quietly
and listened to a Tibetan monk and his translator. Three hours flew by. He must have been deep in thought, or hungry, for on the way out he accidentally let go the door on Ruth Denison, who was coming up behind. We apologized. And I thought, she is wise, she knows we all have to live in this world, too.

Crystal, Rainbow, Indigo... I realize my naivety, and this is all very interesting, but what of identifying generations in the metaphysical world and the one world we have to live in? We are all a part of a tribe that propels the next forward. If the new kin coming up think they should be able to ‘image’ what they want and have it in front of them instantly... so, what about it? Yah, we may be able to do this in a one hundred years, but for now, unless in front of a fast food counter, a bit of patience works the best.

I find more and more wider and wider descriptions for making everyone happy. -spiritual yet flippant -serious yet irreverent -beautiful yet edgy.

Will you explain everything when the opportunity presents itself?  - Ringo HELP

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  1. Jayne, I find patience the one quality no one ever seems to have enough of!
    I am probably one of the most patient folks u'll ever meet. But it's still not "enough".