watched a band concert night before before last. The music was a mix of their long history together. It is interesting to hear watershed work. Pulling from such a vast corpus must be overwhelming — the possibilities to pick + choose + rework what you did not get right the first time, what remains relevant + what changing one word will make relevant now.

A valuable attribute. 

Ah yes! It is bravery when risk is recognized. 

Risk ... fear ... whatever it is ...  a reminder to face it, acknowledge it, + move forward.


The Hanzon Studio has used the term Ready-Fire-Aim figuratively over the years. + literally a sign was placed above a door a few decades ago —  one would involuntarily bow to pass under it. In layman’s terms it proclaimed the ability to start before you are altogether ready in order to initiate a beginning. 

am thinking that it is nice not sit with nerves any longer. Nervous may be in fashion from time to time. It seemed amazing to me years ago, to hear if you don’t give it too much attention, this nervous thing eventually goes away. It has ended up true. Now i wait for that sickly feeling of dread. But the worry never comes. i am not jaded, just at ease. What remains is the slow burn of excitement.

My butterflies use to want to know what to do. Now they no longer need to.

Harnett-Hargrove / Sketchbook cover

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