4 out of 9
middy December 
Frozen rain fell at midnight and melted off of the heat thingy at dawn below the window making a tink-tinkling of the mini waterfall hitting the surface of patterned bricks inside my minds line on sight reinterpreted as water leaking through a ceiling from upstairs I followed the tap tap tap to the source hunting down the origin being a cracked toilet easily patched I continued information gathering by following the meander of the leak back down down through the house + the watercourse growing larger the farther I descended the path eventually believing it had it’s own destination + determination seeing a shut-off spigot I turned the handle strangling the water supply but it had been too late I turn to see behind me the room afloat fucktangent wicking water over + over melting low walls again + again opening the line of site my stream of consciousness turned into an ocean current in the atlantic with an ocean liner zooming away into a ginormous (which is actually 40’s military slang) void I hang my head as I had been so very silly worried about curtains on the titanic.


  1. "... line of sight..."?

    I think "ginormous" is still in regular rotation.

  2. hoping this is not autobiographical

  3. Hahahaha. You've had some challenges this winter I'm guessing! I had a leak that cost me $350 before I even discovered it was a leak.