3 out of 9
Start of December
The heat pump off-cycling allowed a slumber of night driving the large windshield framing an animated surreal sharpness half lit by head lights every street-sign every billboard every car zooming past blurred eyes + head swims toward the right as I struggle to hang on to the steering wheel concentrating on the tires grounding with the road pull off safely now huddled at a rear wheel for a time-out gaining composure still a mild trace of the mind twisting as though now acclimated to this new way of deciphering through my energy I see nothing but variations of motown sounding off through a half dead walkman the flat beat boomed inside me + losing my will + obeying the air-splitting rhythm awaking a ghost inside my chest an ancestral ghost who had danced this dance a thousand years ago it pulled me away from the rear tire + into the dark forest to join other wantons celebrating about a fire lost in a swaying trance dance i hope for nothing i fear nothing i am free epitaph written on foreheads leaping with sfumato + fire bits + oh then sitting dejectedly in the smoke filled air a few little sisters inside their minds of luxury glass + beam hi-rise condos running hot water + safety locks + a tv screen as large as manhattan + they saw me + oh so cooly politely rolled their eyes turned their heads to each another + pecked + clucked to keep warm reevaluating the future every three minutes in the best of neighborhoods a heavy mist coincided with the fire dissolving into lucidity when the on-cycle kicked their small hateful embarrassed eyes up up + away with the seam from snuffed flames I think how much more interesting the dilapidated heat pump would be 100 years from this as it is easier to make an interesting picture beautiful than to make beautiful picture interesting.


  1. This is surprisingly effective at making the reader feel cold. Then again, it is kinda cold in my neck of the woods. Relatively speaking.

    Had to Google "sfumato." I love words.

  2. I like to think of the technical word 'sfumato' as 'up in smoke'.

  3. can rapid-fire and sfumato coexist?
    Also, sfumato, sfumato; tomato, tomato?

  4. There's still such things as Walkman?