They are  all scare and no substance … like a long shadow, but no one's there. -'Drew, in his political observation noir phase.

His huge bulk wedged inside a telephone booth, he was fuming into the phone over some isolated I cant even remember. The diner’s diners were trying not to notice this frantic man. i was reminded of Twain's,  let us pull the curtain of charity over the moment. The booth conversation ended + he rocked the booth violently to get the folding door open, obviously a well practiced trick, + headed for his stool + the truckers hot plate waiting at the counter. Then someone hollered Hi Tiny! i read the booth guys face as absolute glee. Why are all these huge guys always named TINY?

Weird; i can remember what is going to happen, but fail to bring up what's past. For instance, my little brothers birthday is going to be on the 12 of march, but i cant remember what day it was last year ...
Then i remember i do not have a little brother.

Only a pawn in the big picture. + i'm in that picture somewhere.

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