These are the eyes of a maché Minotaur mask.
This is all that is left.

Thoughts have been too wiley to capture. I need a larger net.
Here are a few of the smaller ones that fell for the booby trap.

I no longer assume.
(not just an interesting idea)

In this dream, I am driving in traffic. I climb in the back seat to get a better view of what just went past, a wider view of what is going on. In back I can neither steer nor break, I’m totally out of control. …  and …  everything is okay, it works out on its own just fine.
The mind is so very loud when it is silent.

Using a needle with an eye as big as a camel.

I like the metaphor Ship of Fools. I like the real life objective of singling out individuals that are less desirable, and give them the honor of a one-way ticket out of the harbor. They’d land on another shore … where eventually they be rounded up again to embark on another voyage somewhere else. Those must have been the most interesting of happenings.


  1. Oh Yes! I've Had A Similar Car-Dreams Myself.I Know I'm Still Driving (+in control)But Wonder "how".
    (p.s. I just got back from the harbor!)

  2. I imagine my leg sticking out of the window knocking over telegraph poles...really...your ship of fools sounds like our illegal refugee policy

  3. larger net or finer mesh
    sometimes the best thoughts

  4. Since in real-life it seems I;m always in the "passenger seat", perhaps it is no surorise I seldom have dreams of driving.But I DO have "driven" dreams: sometimes an inantimate OBJECT is at the wheel: a whirring fan, or a bolt of lightning... (!)
    Its nice to be here,Jayne.I love your (verrry visual) Blog, cousin. :)

  5. I can just imagine the size of that needle...
    thanks for the kind words.. xx's

  6. sight(life) seeing

    as it is
    not in human control

  7. Hi Jayne...wonderful luck that you commented on my blog and led me here...is it paradise?
    I am intrigued by your work (I was snooping around here and your other book blog)
    So unique and wonderful...and the words!
    Everything is better with quotes and quips...
    Pure magic :)

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