Stretching the rules Right Over Yourself

(And I mean) tedious random notes from a notebook.
Not very often, I’ll look into an old codex and read where my mind was at the time. Try to figure out my connection to the page. First, of course it’s deciphering phonetic spelling, and the mistakes of my furiously getting something down.

Dream of a refusal to listen to silent books.
A combination of misunderstood and thirsty.
Look for an alternate tribe.
Revisit an old painting -She Carried a Blazing Flag and was Looking for a Cause.
Meet someone who wants to become a pamphleteer. Not the type you run across the street to get away from.
Articulate ideology.
Decide whether life is detritus. Or not.
Always remember that understanding poetry is kind of like asking someone to untie some else’s knot.


  1. can very much relate...i keep all my journals on the shelf...i have them back 7 years...and it is fun to look back and figure out what i was thinking...

  2. exactly! i can't even understand my own poetry - i leave it to the experts, like yourself, to explain it to me.

    detritus...really? probably not far off.

  3. Revisit an old painting -She Carried a Blazing Flag and was Looking for a Cause.
    I remember that - was that Linda?

  4. I tried poetry once . . .never again. Oh I'm definitely carrying a blazing flag and looking for a cause. Love that. I'm often misunderstood and thirsty as well.

  5. Lonnie, Linda? A Cause? I thought she was always busy looking for a cure! -J