Exhausting the possibilities is fun.
Every once in a while I put out a bit of the dictionary from the ongoing work  Hanzon and I are building. Here I go again.
ready-fire-aim; The ability to start before you are altogether ready in order to initiate a beginning.

perfection; Something that needn’t be determined in a concrete way. Something met with that is distracting.

orphan / widow;
A word left alone, set at the top of the page on a line by itself. Lonely, confused and about to jump off.  A typography term.

dance; Code word for big argument about to happen over here. -e.g. “I’m cutting in on this one. I will take this dance.”

mock-up; A quickly built idea in 3D to see if it is a feasible design.

mustard & shrimp;  A color story.

working designer, a working artist – and in order to keep the “working” part of the title in the equation an artist must work. A lot. That means there is little time for the stars to align and the majestic creative muse to descend with gifts of glorious expressions of great art. No, it is more like hurling yourself in to the creative flux at a moment’s notice. It is necessary to turn on creativity at almost anytime and produce work.

sticks; A gimmick learned for the Hong Kong episode. This skit had been organized and rehearsed numerous times, but whenever we were called upon to perform the ditty it seemed always to be changed into something none of us had ever heard of. -e.g. An inner circle joke became to compose a bewildering look in a confusing situation and ask, “Sticks?”

scope creep; What happens when a project grows in scope silently and uncontrollably.

left field; A proverbial place that you end up preceded by either putting your foot in your mouth, failing to impress a peer, or not paying attention to what is going on at the board meeting. -e.g. “It’s a hit! The idea ball is floating over into left field and everyone at the table is scrambling after, trying to figure it out.
Lonnie falling during the 1535 days.


  1. like that definition of working artist for sure...

  2. Scope creep...love it. Fantastic header, too! Hope you're enjoying the summer.

  3. Well. I don't know if I can leave a piece of my mind; I have so little to spare! Did I say that before? (See what I mean?)
    Your definition for working artist is right on the mark, especially the part about "hurling yourself into the creative flux." And the one for left field is even better; I know because I live there.

  4. i think that definition of making art is true and also speaks to me being so lazy as to be impossibly good, no? ;) and the "color story" ..

    thanks for your recent comment over at my place, very appreciated and kind of you... thought i would wander by and see what you are up to, it's always more interesting than over at my place! about all that's growing there are the weeds and crows. oh-love your header!! xxx

  5. Still falling, wondering if I will land