Food for thought only.

Walking in an art gallery today I crossed a mandala of sorts, a loosely painted target on a perforated board. There were holes left where arrows had flown in and shot through.

I froze for a moment too long, petrified, and was tossed back into the inexpressible. Akin to the overwhelming grief of not seeing someone ever again. The tug of dread unexplainable. The idea of always and consistently missing the mark. However, so perfectly deliberate in missing, that it seems by mere calculation one should recognize the pattern and surely catch on and achieve the point.

A ring tone blares behind me, from inside my pack, jolting me to reality.  That’s what damn cell phones are good for. After the brief call, I look again at the artwork. The painting was simply a piece of cheap pegboard the painter had cleaned brushes off onto. 

Let smirking scholars writhe in their favorite bondage
And hold you plaintiff to the charge of art… 
…your ghost pervades
staged-up like falstaff or the wild welsh rimbaud
You'd laugh to see the monograms they make of you
Oh, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Thomas,
Why don't we feel whatever we're supposed to feel
Oh, Mr. Thomas let us ramble through the midnight
Let us throw bottles at the ferris wheel
Let us paint library on the library let us raid the moonlight
Let us steal whatever we're supposed to steal

For Mr. Thomas Robin Williamson original / Van Morrison 


  1. I can identify with the 'akin to grief' line funny, it's like saying 'there's no going back' some things are best viewed once, savoured and remembered that way. Never quite the same second time round. But we can hope yes?

  2. love at first sight and than...well you had your moment of contemplation.

    Thanks for our reaction after being so long away....

  3. I mean after my being away


  4. are you feeling Irish today? my favorite line of Yeats', song for Dylan Thomas by the incredible Van Morrison.

  5. The misconception of the eye of the beholder sometimes better (writing anywway)

  6. "...it seems by mere calculation one should recognize the pattern and surely catch on and achieve the point. "

    Ah, but sometimes, missing the point IS the point, yes?