We may be Slow, but we’re Expensive.
One of my favorite unrealized tee shirts.

Honestly, I have those horrifying moments while driving, 
I completely and absolutely do not know where I am. Intellectually I know it will only last a moment, but emotionality that moment lasts an eternity.

I feel like savoring the feeling of being ahead of whatever game I’m playing.
Everything on my do-to list is to-done. I know it’s a scrim illusion, all an ongoing relentless process. But hey, throw me a bone here.
Moreover, while I’ve spent these few minutes hunting and pecking I’ve probably lost my edge, so it was all a moot point. 
I’ll mash print anyhow.

Someone turn on the radio, it is mostly way too noisy in here.


  1. Are you in my car? Wandering around in my head? Creepy.

    (But while I'm at it, do you know where I put my keys???)

  2. ha. no way can i stay ahead...be slow all you want just dont get in front of me...smiles. i slow down once i get there...

  3. Just turn on some Todd and treddle through. Being ahead is better than the view never changing...

  4. Drive in silence. The road is music all its own. ;)

  5. Perhaps (for the safety of everyone else in the world) you should refrain from driving.

  6. I used to own a Russian Lada.It was Always broke.Problem Solved.

  7. I find myself, with increasing frequency, unable to remember what I set out to do. It is momentary but daunting. Sometimes I cannot recall the objective for quite a while. I always wonder if I'm starting senility.