The dogs are throwing themselves down on the bare floor, rolling their eyes and groaning Lurch-like. Yes, it’s moving time again.
Excuse me.
I just popped over from Theme Thursday. And it seems I’ve set a theme and not responded to it. Hoping this will suffice.

plate #20
Seeing clouds as a fingery low moving mask of smoke racing through the deluge of watercourse is where images become the skeleton of a nightmare.
  Yes, the water came down during the dark time. I hurried out at first light to check damage or if all had been spared. The lilt of the rain forgave some of the walls leaving them dry, soaking the facing walls and smearing chalk beyond recognition - yet, still interesting. Looking deliberate, softening the drawing into morphic shapes with more possibilities than the original  state. Is  this formed by another? A message shaping up from another pedigree force? Perhaps next rain will work through this smudge to expose an image sharp as arrows.
  Let  smudge be smudge -  just so, I’ll be satisfied with this question, waiting for the chance of an answer.


  1. no kidding, that is awesome in form and thought

  2. Brains! I knew it!!!

    Are you really moving?

  3. ...but...but...but...you just moved!

    Sorry I've not been round much; too much other stuff goin' on...

  4. i usually groan when it is moving time as well...hope your smudge clears up..smiles.

  5. Thanks for stopping in to check on me!

    Jeff: Yes you guessed it, brains, weird coinkiedink, huh?
    Moving, just a jump away.

    Subs; THAT was 6 months AGO!!! You'd think I was on the lam.... nothing that exciting....
    Nothing to be sorry for, as long as I know you are out there.

  6. Nobody does this wonderful blending of words and images as well as you Jayne. A perfect intellectual and sensory smoothie.

  7. you are good at bringing your life happenings into your creative work.

  8. As always, an amazing piece. Happy TT

  9. Nature Is The Supreme Artist Me'Thinks.