Who would the Minotaur Apologize to?

This is an memory circa '90 put down in ...
Script for a Practicing Artist and an Unfinished Life
I read this thinking how judgemental it was, which isn't really me.
Add too, I am fairly skittish, and scare easily.
But I wonder, now, what was really going on then.

ou could live at the Vulcan for a long while, then all of a sudden someone you’d never seen nor want to meet would surface. A friend of a friend wanted to introduce us to someone's painting work. I believe a false word had got around that had lots of work for all that asked. Little did they know. And little did they know how picky we were about who we worked with. Always eager to cheer on someone’s work I walked by Lonnie’s side to the other end of the complex with an open heart and mind. We entered through the creaking garage door, jumping (with fight or flight) as it slammed closing us in. My thoughts were as murky as my vision. Eyes adjusted, I looked into the cavernous studio set up like an art show. We walked past the art with wide eyed poker faces. The work was colorless, abstract, without the expressionism.
When the dreaded artist pointed saying, “The good stuff is in here.”
I mouthed words to Lonnie, ‘I’m not going in there!’ He rolled his eyes to let me know this too will pass so lets get it over with sooner than later. We walked into the artist’s private chamber like we were doomed. And, as it turned out, we had good reason.
Sometimes I suspect we were all left here to unravel each other.
As art is subjective, and this fellow is probably a celeb now.

It has become a standard joke between us that when you start talking about the size of a piece of artwork, you don’t think highly of it. If the best compliment you can come up with is ‘that's a great size for a poster’ then you must think the work isn’t worth looking at any closer. Just too scary.

When the scene is a Victorian mansion, you should know it’s going to be a horror movie.
I tend to carry that backdrop around in my head so it’s accessible at appropriate moments.


  1. we were all left here to unravel each other...i like that...

  2. Being a minotaur means never having to say you're sorry....

  3. when the scene is a Victorian mansion... oh horrors!

  4. Amazing work! Nice combination of media. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Scary. Your image reminds me of someone. Who is it? A wicked Andy Rooney?

  6. is this akin to men talking about the size of their penises? lol.

    Fantastic painting. I am never sure if the work is all yours. I'm assuming it is.

  7. well, yours is colorful and looks insanely good, small or large...

  8. What a unique work of art! I was really mesmerized by it.

    I think that the size thing can sometimes be the same as when people leave comments like "Great Post" lol

  9. Willow,
    I think there is a portrait of the artist F. Bacon in there...


  10. Well, i always wanna look at your work very close. To not miss any details, like the tiny figures on the bottom.

    What a story, :-D

    Sweet greetz!

  11. Wow - does that one take us back - much more productive now I think we is. I am amazed that the world is full of so many pretenders, so many collage makers and avatars, that they often are taken aback by the fact that you write these words and make these images and create those things and really live this life.
    For real. live. from scratch. Yup. XL

  12. You know... I can quite literally just prep a matrix of appropriate comments concerning what I think of your work.

    We'll stick with "wow" for this one. I'll add "love it" for good measure.

    And I can't wait to use the size reference the next time I see something somewhere that I don't like. Hehehe.

  13. Momo; Thanks for making the art big. I do this with yours, also.

    Lonnie; I laugh when I think of all of the 'parade' stuff we dragged through that standard door at the Vulcan to get it delivered to clients ... without even thinking about the sizes beforehand. Or perhaps you were...

    Jeff; Yes, Hehehe

  14. Super stunning piece of art.