Ahm just saying...
Everyone wanting to make their mark aside...
If you are treading the fine between designer/artist you may hear yourself droning,
“Hey, that’s been done...that’s not original, hey !”
In contrast, as a designer, your inner voice may cheer on with a license to steal,
A compliment to the last manipulator, really.

Oh, he just stole from me, I steal from everybody. -Woody Guthrie

Plagiarism is basic to all cultures. -Seeger Sr.

Bad artists copy. Good artists steal. -Pablo Picasso (oh yes, even him.)


  1. An inspiring post Jayne. I love the way you distort the Mona Lisa. Will the mathematical equation of perfection remain the same?

    Have a wonderful week end xJ

  2. Ahhh, can we assume there is one? -J

  3. hmmmmm....
    how many times do we have to re-invent the wheel and call it originality? I like the idea of seminal influence taking us higher, wider, farther afield. My handprint is always my own, not that those lines matter.

  4. and a real genius steals it and makes it better...smiles.

  5. Funny, and very true. I work with aspiring writers quite often, and one of the first things I try to beat into their heads is that there's no point in trying to be original or unique... everything's been done before. Just write a good friggin' story, the rest shall follow.

  6. I like your version here. And three great quotes ;)

  7. Seeger and Guthrie, of course. But, Picaso?

    Everything is just a variation on a theme.

  8. I don't know if everything has been done... I think it is impossible to not add in ones' twists and fits.
    But I do believe in the power of the muse, digestion and rebirth of concepts... in all of the arts. There is always the EVOLUTION, yes? It is one of those 'truths that are still being made up'. -J

  9. You always taught me - "only the freshness is new"

  10. oh, i think marie said it for me and said it very well...
    ...i like the idea of seminal influence taking us higher, wider, farther afield - my handprint is always my own...

    and jayne, like you, i believe in the power of the muse, digestion and rebirth of concepts - always evolving!

  11. Marie, I'm agreeing with you. Its true that if there is a 'lineup' of artworks, however disparate I believe we can and should be able to pick the artist that matches up.

    Lonnie, you are able to muse and digest more than most, because of your vast interests, and are able to make 'it' always look fresh. Maybe it's the humor. But this was written in a moment of, 'geez, when am I going to learn to paint and not think of someone else's influence?' -J

  12. That's what stops me most times, and has slowed down my attempt at the book making side.

    I really need to stop looking so much at what others have done, and just move on with it.

    Always intimidated, and maybe a bit afraid of actually coming up with something......

  13. I Wish I Had Said That............

  14. Wearing on-and-off-blinders has it's advantages. But it is hard to be creative when one is being told what NOT to do. -J

  15. Marie... I see you live in Larkspur, there was a boutique there 'Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors' years ago, is it still there? -J

  16. Now wasn't it Oscar Wilde that said the secret to originality was cleverly hiding your source?

    Besides it's all post modern to pinch, nick, liberate whatever you want and change it to make it your own.

    All kinda universal field theory and such.

  17. Yes and I believe Bob Dylan makes no apologies about recycling old folk music to create some of the greatest songs ever written during his heyday.

  18. I certainly believe there are things left unsaid, unwritten.(and un-painted,un-made, etc...)
    But in the past decade or so, I've come to believe that when I--or anyone in a creative field-- commits words or ideas to paper or substance, suddenly, it's like it's OUT--it's as if the process of writing it down--even if one is doing so, in secret--causes the idea to float free, and land, wherever...
    ask any editor of any lit-magazine, or art-papers, and they'll tell you:
    When they receive open submissions:
    absolutely, always, there'll be numerous submissions on the exact same subject, often with the same POV, or theme.
    Odd, this Universe.

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