Well, as these things go I was looking for one of my favorite signs placed early one morn on the dirt road into the Renaissance Fair (Black Point Forest/Novato). Something about the ‘...to the end of the earth being closed because of dust-off '.... when I came across this rat thingy that was taken when we worked in Hong Kong...

Ok, so I continued looking and found a handful of WIP images of paintings, some looking finished, from the
95 painting in 95 hours
series that was done for the 95th anniversary of major (meaning expensive) department store. I must say the stack was pretty amusing, even now, and I do remember the audience outside the window liking the ongoing live display work.
But before I start scanning and send this into the ether ... I reckon I need to ask Lonnie ifin it’s okay to show this, after all this time.
I don’t know why not?
Lonnie? Are you there?


  1. nice, hope you get to show it...and that must be some rat...

  2. Cool sign...nothing like rat poison to get your attention. Looking forward to the other sign, too.

  3. In the meantime, the rat poision sign is pretty good!

  4. i say give lonnie a week, then go on without...you can't keep us waiting now...

  5. Only you would post a rat poison sign:-)

    Hope we get to see the other works.

  6. LadyCat... thanks. And, I am always 'blocked' from leaving comments over at your place.

    RL: HEY!

  7. I've read stories about those rats~OY! And do bring on those works :)

    And I'll be re-linkin' ya on the new bloggo ;)

  8. Is there non-poisonous rat bait? Publish or be damned.

  9. Oh My God! Sorry to be so late to the party - Let er Rip! We did some damn honest work in that lux window in Dallas store #1!
    So sweet to rmember...

  10. I wonder if I might have seen you back then. We went there often.

    It was spooky one time though: as we were walking through one of the areas, there was a tarot reader who locked eyes on me coming in and on my way back out.

    I was far enough away, that it wasn't my presence that made this occur. I was too young then, and scared to get any closer. Should have, might have stopped me from a big mistake at that time ; (

  11. Baino, I'm thinking 'no', unless of course you are trying to fatten them up!

    CM, We worked there on and off from '95 til the'97 handover, if I am remembering correctly.
    What an education!
    A 'big mistake'.... sounds mysterious....can you tell?

    Ok Lonnie, I'm all over it. On to scanning.

  12. We did our first tour of duty Christmas 94. Last was Handover to China July 97. Still a very surreal movie.
    What a #@*uped movie that would make.
    How did we EVER get away with that....

  13. ha,thats funny

    and thingy is a good word