So, this will be the a self indulgent page on a project (circa '04?) mentioned in the before post.
Just for fun.
Lonnie gave me the OK in the comments. So, to forge ahead. I will write under if there were words to go along with the painting. You know, as designers, one wants to be as darn clear as possible...

This project encompassed 95 painting in 95 hours executed as a live window display. There were 95 prepped canvas' along with to-size matching fancy frames, sporting white-out, already installed in the shoe gallery. Below notice a photo where you can see the hours and painting being 'ticked off' as time went by. We were armed with gallons of paint, brushes from a flogger to a one-hair, and stack of favored scrap to the liking, we hoped, to please every taste. Throw in spontaneity and ability to dance around each other and a bit of loud music and you have a successful event where all 95 paintings found good homes and the money raised in the auction going to a children's charity.
It was, as Lonnie said in the comment, 'damn honest work.'

Undies of the men in black.

He continued to design his amusement park, if only in his mind.

The marionette then realized that the scenery for ActII was under her skirt.

A painting to match the sofa.

Her apron became a joke, a novelty, and eventually a tourist attraction.

(Fake working)

He was a different kind of fish.
(Resemblance or coincidence?)

hours / paintings

Hey, Terry showed up! Getting ready in the morning....

The charm in the work was to make it looked as though lots of different artist had done the job. Some more finished than others.
I think this was my favorite from the collection, there were so many more....
The notes from Gustav K. to an art director asking for changes on a WIP.
Punch LONNIE... on his blog.


  1. What fun- Can't believe we did it, but then again most of our lives read like fiction. I loved the Klimt with post its as well. We have more footage... somewhere - Thanks for sharing! I posted some HK pictures on my blog...were doing a blogmash! Lonnie

  2. lookslike fun...must have been grueling!

  3. I am blown away by the vivid colors! It looks like a fun time!

  4. Holy cow! Self-indulge away! This stuff rocks... a few of the pieces have hints of Brian Froud, and I LOVE Brian Froud.

    I'd love to see a conceptualized fantasy world from the 95/95 crew!

  5. jayne, i have clicked, i have read. wow... how many artists were there doing this?

    yes, please indulge away. this is inspiring.

  6. Lynne, It was Lonnie and I, crew of two, that's it. I reckon I did not make that clear?

  7. Thank you for your comments on my blog, it's makes me soo happy.

    Your blog is, as usual, full of inspiration and I want to wish you a Happy Easter!

    Agneta, Sweden

  8. some fabulous paintings jane...bet it was a beast but a ton of fun. love all the olor!

  9. Wow ... Fantastic! A lot of work and so much good out of it.

  10. Fantastic paintings in such a short time. I love the energy and color and they're good too! How many of you involved?