One of my favorites.
Okay who can tell me what movie this quote comes from.
If you know or want to take a guess, don’t give it away! Please do not come right out and say it in comments ... leave it in a cryptic code, or as, ‘the movie where yada, blah, yadity-blah happens.’
I’ll know what you mean. I promise.

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When Sword Swallowing does Not Impress


  1. Not gonna say it...oh heck, I've no clew! Hope the move went okay?

  2. i'm with Subby, tho i did try to cheat by searching the quote...

  3. Ah... the Italian "satire."

    But you got the quote wrong. ;)

  4. Ok Jeff, here's the speech...

    Who are you? Tell me who you are! Who are you? Where are you hiding? Come out and face me! Tell me who you are! Why aren't you fighting a gladiator instead of me? I'm a student! Don't take your anger out on me! Spare me! I don't know why they're playing this joke on me. I'm not fit for this fight. I'm not a Theseus, worthy of you. Dear Minotaur, I'll love you, if you'll spare me. I beg you, have pity on Encolpius. You know me, right? So forgive my incompetence.

    Yes, I reckon I shortened that way too much!!! -J

  5. Haven't a clue. You even stumped Megan and she's pretty good at these.

  6. It sounds like something Bones on the Original Star Trek would say when he was in medical school.

  7. No idea where this quote is from... but I love the texture in the background!!