Why do you have such bad handwriting, when you can draw so well?  -Chloe

I get energy and inspiration from working on something completely different.
Want to costume idea? Illustrate a mandala.
Want a book theme? Sculpt the Mona Lisa (Ann ...)
Color story? Take off your glasses and make the lines disappear.

"Hey, Lonnie! I just found and old scrap file named cities, in my writing ... it’s spelled wrong."
"Well, if it were spelled right, we’d know it was a forgery."

...good luck will rub off when you shakes hands with me...
 -Bert  And we thought that was only coal dust.

It’s time to shuffle and purge, again.


  1. shuffle and purge...yep. coal dust or pixie dust?

  2. insane! there's a lot of character in that handwriting. It's nearly legible...mostly.

  3. Oh my dear, if "they" only knew it was all true - that the dustings you scribe are flicker footnotes to an extradorinary life full of art and survival, magic and tragedy, grace and guts. Thank you for writing them down and sharing them.

    Shuffle always brings the ace to the top.
    No purging headblocks.

  4. Lonnie, thanks for the headblock reminder... -J

  5. Inspiration usually just hits me from nothing in particular. And after years of reading my Pop's( and many of Mom's doctor's )handwriting, your's is fairly easy to read, heh...

  6. shuffle and purge. the ongoing-ness of it.

    and here's another thing about inspiration - it comes when and where you least expect it. when you're not looking at all... the Good Stuff is handed to you and you've forgetten when you even asked for it.

  7. I love Chloe's quote. Why should I write so others can read it. I'm the one that needs to be able to decipher it and I can (mostly).

  8. even coal dust has a cost,
    for as usual, I am lost? :)

  9. Otie, I think you jest, but happy you keep coming back! -J

  10. handwriting says a lot about a person and I like it a lot, no matter what.
    The rest of your post I don't understand.


  11. I love real hand writing. People tend to print or use lock capitals these days. So boring to look at. Love the Mary Poppins quote.

  12. I saw Amry Poppins agin for the first time since childhood.

    It was so magical. Bert was like a jester, or a Pan figure..

  13. Wow, amazing work! Thank you for visiting my page, and thank you for guiding me to yours. (From another person with messy handwriting.)