Wassily Kandinsky had rhythm.
I’m only one day off...I thought today was Wednesday. I know we’re suppose to post on Thursday. I know I signed up. But now posting would be like homework.

I’ll see you on your rhythm.

Hey, I can pay a visit, I just cant pay attention!

Please no hissing and boo-ing...

In time lapse ... see from the ground as green sprouts, reaches upward, blooms, settles, and dies in seven seconds. Experiencing ideas that develop and pass in this way.
Before I can register and blink ... gone.

The only condolence, but none less frustrating, is that
another is on its way. Always another.
It’s been a day of wicked deja-vu.

There is a rhythm to ever act. -Yagyu Muneno
Watch out, he’s just behind the shoji.


  1. Well I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Take care

  2. Like the rhythm of Ground Hog's Day? ;^)

  3. Don't know much about Kandinsky but like this work, I do! And great imagery on the time-lapse plants :)

  4. You are quite right Kandinsky did have rhythm. His work sends out pulses like one of those pulsating red dwarf stars. Thanks for reminding us about visual rhythm, it is important.

  5. This little mind
    Cannot find
    The sense in this.
    But given time
    I might find
    Myself in this.

    Happy TT

  6. You are right, Kandinsky is a master. Warmest from Poland!

  7. Great post, and Happy Theme Thursday! And I know we're supposed to post on Thursday, but if I find or write something earlier in the week, I'm always afreaid I'll get run over by a truck before Thursday.

  8. Hi Alan,
    What a great image to set next to Kandinky

    Skip, I too, share your phobia!

  9. I find many rhythms in this post. Fun!

  10. Who is Kandisky?? I have zero culture! :(

  11. "The only condolence, but none less frustrating,
    is that another is on its way.
    Always another."

    Truth. I'm diggin' it. Glad I stopped by to read.

  12. Seven seconds? What are you doing to your plants! @ Otin, I think I love you! Did I say that out loud. Shit!

  13. ok, gotta wiki kadinsky. jayne you have got quite the rhythm. hope today bring vu-jade...

  14. its all about the beat you hear and see--kandinsky dances across the canvas--I wish we xould hear the beat that he was listening to--best c

  15. I discovered Kandinsky in an excibition in Munich many many years ago and fell in love with his paintings!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, truly honored :))

  16. Repetitive rhythms of deja-vu days... There's something lovely in the familiarity and frustrating in the repetition of the experience of deja-vu.

  17. Interesting post
    lovely to read ;)

  18. Rhythm means different things to different people.

    As it should be.....Cheers!

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  20. oops sorry commented with wrong account! i meant to say i've never noticed before how jazzy kandinsky's work is....

    thanks for dropping by!

    c x