Give me a museum and I’ll fill it.”
It figures that Picasso said that.

Turn on the inspiration.
As a designer you don’t always have the luxury to wait around for this nicety. Yep, it is great to be able to sit and veg out in your cavernous studio aimlessly looking about and have a body of work fall on your imagination in its entire form all ready to be realized and manifested into unth detail.

Of course, this is the MUST-DO art work of it all, not the quick hysterical stuff; but the true quiet profound excitement stuff.

I’m in consintratio.

That’s a component to the alchemic recipe, I reckon, in my world.

The installation-cavalier-conceptual artist Ann Hamilton talks about Making a Condition for something to happen. The 4th dimension. Inclusive of the visitor, indeed depended on the voyeur for the out come.

Again...I do the best I can... the yen is to, by not getting in my own way, without hesitation, draw an inspiration and write something enigmatic. Too often I’m writing while driving, scraping into the dust, or drawing hits with only a bad pen and a ripped receipt.
Art, then, sometimes seems an elaborate dance around something you can’t make.

Add a muffled boom and a ring of smoke appearing at the bottom of the cartoon canyon.


  1. I write when I'm driving too...and massaging...and doing dishes or laundry. It takes me longer to get it out into form but it seems to occur easily enough in my head. Can't draw a lick, though. (boom).

  2. You have struck a chord. The number of blog posts I have written whilst driving ... but I never manage to write them down and by the time I get home the idea is gone.

  3. The mind is most creative, although many do not seem to use it thus ; (

  4. I try not to write while I'm driving, honest! But I've been known to pull over, in order to get the thought to paper. And love the Wile E. Coyote reference :)

  5. I have written while driving...These days it is better to leave a notebook by the bed and one in the bag for bits of ideas that come at odd times. Unfortunately, I can't draw, either though I love to see what others do with colour, shape, texture and concept.

  6. Is it not funny, the way we ALL relate to the 'writing while driving' thingy?

  7. Well I don't drive but have a handbag full of notes written on bus tickets... Random thoughts.
    You have a way with words that activates the imagination.

    I love your work with sheet music :)

  8. Sometimes I will record an idea on my phone so that I can write it later!

    I am not a speed reader, I just spend about 5 hours a day of nonstop blogging, plus I work 9 hours a day!
    Yes, I have no life! hahaha!

  9. I like the part about the MUST-DO art,"true quiet profound exciting stuff" which I am trying to cultivate each day in my dream world of Assisi in my 13th century art space, with the 20th century challenges for survival and a deeply evolving spirit..... Bo?

  10. 'Art, then, sometimes seems an elaborate dance around something you can’t make.' I like this line. It's so very true sometimes, and frustrating also.
    Willy E. Coyote is my alltime favourite cartoon character.

  11. I used to keep a Tape-Audio Diary.& yes, often recorded thoughts while driving.....Driving can be a good meditative Space (except at rush-hour!)

  12. i have a notebook i keep in my pocket for just such occasion but also have a little bowl on my bed side table where i collect the scraps of receipts and what not i have gathered with a word or two scribbled on them with ideas. lol.

    love this line "Art, then, sometimes seems an elaborate dance around something you can’t make."