Even with only two, I can occasionally feel like mother Hubbard and not know what to do. Having one of each means sooner or later I’ll come up against every gender joy, toil and trouble. I’m broiled into thinking of how to get ‘Drew excused from the draft, even though its ten years and a WW away. I’m hoping that the refusal the spar in Karate class & walking out on two (so far) violent adventure flicks will count toward a ‘CO’ status when the time comes.
Drew and I where talking about following rules.
-If you look suspicious try not to say bomb at the airport.
-if your going to speed while driving try to have your paperwork up to date.
-If you are going to harass someone in another country try to know how to apologize in the native tongue.
he subject turned to temperaments of young friends. It is easier for ‘Drew to understand black and white, filling in the mid tones as they come up.
To turn a situation into a happy ending you may have to look at it a long time. Walk all the way around it. A big problem could mean a very long walk. Try it on without expecting it to fit. Throw it out and see how it lands. If it will only be just what it is, stubborn and unchangeable, then let it go. Sometimes there is not a happy ending. If someone is not civil even after you try the mirror method, think again. You can make as many excuses at there are people, bad day, up on the wrong, toothache. Remember the fact you already know, sometimes folks aren't in a phase, they are just that.
A person you can’t take probably doesn't want to be taken.


  1. I really don't understand why elders can't tell us what's coming up, but I guess it's because they moved past the passage ritual before they could express it in the innocent.

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  3. Hi Jayne. I love the "A person you can't take probably doesn't want to be taken."

    I see Marianna found you. ;)
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    Peace, yo.

  4. I will check out the ‘Practice what you peace’... blog. I ALWAYS read the updates for Lisa Writes. I guess I thought that was indeed your ‘main’ blog.
    Yes, it’s nice Marianna found me, I am flattered...I had been reading her blog since you vicariously introduced her to me.