Scout meeting. The boys each in turn sounded off what he wanted to be.
A marine meteorologist, a dancer, a paleontologist, an archaeological anthropologist, an engineer, a biological anthropologist, an archaeological anthropologist, a Linguist, and a few things I had to look up. My son said a super hero — with just as much conviction as the rest.

When it was my turn I mentioned that there once was a football goal kicker named Ray Wersching, who always looked down entering the ball field, never toward where he was kicking. The quarterback  aimed him in the right direction and Ray lifted his head only after the kick. They didn’t believe me. I don’t know why, it seemed important for them to know.

They are digging in my business. How dare they!   - CMHH


  1. I'm with Drew on the Super-Hero ambitions!

  2. Thanks Lisa, For all your comments, quotes and encouragement.
    The character Mrs. Moran is from Babe’s in Arms. She is pacifying her jaded vaudevillian husband who is impatient with their son, Mickey Moran (Rooney), as he obsesses with Musical Theater.
    ...March 8th...that was Chloe's ‘practically pink’ art happening.