I think I’m pretty sure. 

What do false faces have to do with the wrong of the paper? It is true, the more we build up some dreaded thing, the easier it will be, by contrast, when it comes to pass. Part of the human condition is to make commitments and carry through. 

Things I’ve learned just today; A strong cup of coffee at regular intervals makes most anything seem possible. There is no more time, but you can create more space. The other side of the button is often the most interesting.


We all have the luxury of philosophizing now and again in our daily living. But as intriguing as ‘reasoning to reason’ and the idea of ‘categorizing the act of thinking’ is, it is also unrealistic for most of us. When I’m looking for something theoretical, I rarely find it by looking. Most of the gems I’ve held onto have come in the state of pre-empting brainwork. I like being surprised by philosophy. When your not expecting it creeps up front and you see an epiphany in a cereal bowl at the sink.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
- T.S.

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  1. I love Eliot--and it is true we must push ourselves to the edge--if not over it.