I thought Chloe was trying her hand at Beat poetry...
until she told me this was her spelling list.

Same concept, different scene.

By all accounts I have spent most of my life in a  reverie, of sorts.  Somewhere between vague wake and sleep. I catch myself checking if I’m on the right side of the yellow line or glancing at the clock just in time to do something I’ve promised.
I reckon it is just my disposition.  The slipstream is not a bad place to be, better than some. I'm not spacey as I have a trail of work to prove manifestation and a career to track. None the less, (hear that L?), it would be nice to have the chance to choose.

If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.  -Marcel Proust

Just got off deadline with the Magic Flute, the only opera you’ll not find me crying-over in the wings. Near the pit door was a free zone of sorts. I recognize it, having first met a free zone while living in the Vulcan Foundry in Oakland. People placed gently or dumped things they no longer wanted. Of course it was all art and production genre goods: stretchers, sample clothing, used canvas … This pile by the back stage door was of a different nature and mostly unidentifiable, accepting, an empty pizza box, Bose speakers with a nest of wire, half full Listerine bottle. Nothing I would pick up and carry home. Just saying.
I know all of you know this, ...but that operatic scatting has a formal name. Mellisma. Said with an Italian accent. It’s what the Queen of the Night does in Act II. I always thought that was a happy little song, but what she is doing is arguing her daughter into murder.

Have I mentioned the use of panic to calm hysteria?


  1. Why, thank you Jeff.
    Thanks for not using the f-word in the comment box... :} -J

  2. Interesting....
    and the Vulcan Foundry, have not heard that name in years. Heard lots about it, but never made it to look inside.

    I used to go and get paper pulp at Magnolia for an artist friend back then.

    Although all these things have been in and around me, I've never simply jumped in. After understanding for the first time why a fear of following through has stopped me, I'm slowly jumping in.

    Always enjoy reading/seeing your work. Cheers!

  3. I always wanted to be able to sing like the Queen of the Night. Love the spelling list.

  4. I think spelling lists make great poetry..
    and I love the slipstream, like hanging out there!! : )

  5. the slipstream- is that what they call it?
    thanks for the new word

  6. Panic is worship of Pan, right? a communal experience rather than being overwhelmed apart from.

  7. Hi Susan, Actually 'Worship of Pan' is just that... I was using 'panic' it as in the shepherd god Pan, who liked to frighten herds of goats and sheep into with uncontrollable fear. -
    Thanks for stopping by, see you over at your place... -J

  8. Nonetheless, panic as calm - true. Ah - the free zone -every once in a while there would be just the piece of junk you needed to complete something. Sorry I have been away for so long...L