...to stand on the meeting of two eternities, the past and future, which is precisely the present moment; to toe that line. -H D Thoreau

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be
to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. -
T. S. Eliot


Truth is Nothing More Than a Feeling
that Something is True.

True or False?


  1. Oh dear!

    It's 5 in the morning here Greece, just droped by to say "hi" and have a "great weekend" :) I'll have to think about the question you pose here. Maybe answer it after I get some sleep...

    goodnight (or goodmorning:)

  2. And sometimes the truth just really sucks *sigh*

  3. Truth is all things to all people, it is subjective, and amorphous.Poets often lie, but they always tell the truth.

  4. As always has, Makes for interesting conversation...

  5. He, makes me think about the all spartans are liars riddle. I'll go with Wallace Stevens, there are (temporary) truths but no Truth. How can there be, when the universe is made up of particles in motion?

  6. True. Can we ever know anything for certain? Love your graphics here--great site!