(circa 1983)

I’ve been tagged by Lisa aka Lisa Allender Writes...
I am supposed to list 7 things people may not know about me. Of course there is the minor problem of not knowing me at all...So I’m going for acquaintance status so as not to have to start with complete basics.
I’ll keep it light.

1. I have dear, dear friends.
2. In real life I tend to qualify everything I say (something about Mercury\Saturn alignment) which makes it a bit tedious to listening to my own mind, because I am forever returning to a conversation coming up with what I should have said.
3. I am an olive oil and chocolate snob. ...And this brings up the questions of compared to who? or What? But, Lisa didn’t say I had to explain, only state.
4. A well timed spider-check around bedtime is always necessary.
5. I swim in creative chaos. The peek of the creative wave dose not frighten me. I’m best suited to work on multiple project at any given time. Having something going, in all the basic project areas is as it should be. A change of work, in the flux, gives rest and energy to the work sitting on the next table. I do not fluster and I wont buy into drama, unless it’s appropriately placed.
6. I cry easily. Soda commercials, dead poet recordings, recitals, roadkill, orphans. You name it.
7. I love a well designed ampersand.

I have been reading around and want to know more as I do love to live vicariously... so I will tag....
Lonnie ... lonniehanzon.blogspot.com/....because I know that even if he thinks we may know everything about him, he’ll come up something intriguing.

And, of course you may choose to ignore the call....
Sometimes you only know where your mind has been by writing down what it says between your ears.


  1. i'm a chocolate snob too.
    proud to be one.


  2. lettuce,
    I'll remember that. See you on your blog! -Jayne

  3. Hi Jayne--Chocolate-snob? Let's drop-names, shall we?
    I adore Perugina Dark, and Lindt Dark.
    And the Green & Black's Organic(all over 70%, one at 85% cocoa).
    And me,I'm a tea-snob, too. I'll take you to "Teavana" here in ATL. whenever you visit. ;)
    Multiple-projects at once? I LOVE THAT!