...to stand on the meeting of two eternities, the past and future, which is precisely the present moment; to toe that line. -H D Thoreau

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be
to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. -
T. S. Eliot


The quality given to a person, place or thing having the ability to be unusually interesting, unexplainably pleasing and entirely unique all at the same time.
Also: A groaty smell.
Oh yea, and that restless place between blue and over-it.


  1. intersting pic. i hear your real voice? intriguing. can you describe it please? lol.

  2. Great, small, simle and yet complicated post. I liked it :)


  3. Cool art! A bit Bohemian, perhaps. I like. Welcome to Theme Thursday!

  4. Wings,
    Yes, I reckon my pictures are quite funky.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    The image is a detail of a work-in-progress it is out of context from...An elderly Charlie Chaplin helped her erase the blackboard. She just had to ask. “May I hear your real voice?” And he sang. Doubting that it had been his real voice she said she appreciated his effort to amuse her...

    Hi Marianna,
    Thanks, see you on your post soon.

    Thanks for the welcome! Bohemia must have been a past career.

  5. Well, a core tet has flown in. Hello all. Jayne darling, please double book the definition to the dictionary project. Sublime as usual.
    L, L

  6. make sure you let us all know when chance neglected is finished.....from the look of this it will be a great read/see! and FUNky....

  7. lol@ that place between blue and over it. ya feeling funky today?

  8. Lonnie,
    I'll get on it.
    Thanks to Megan, Fox and Mouse for stopping by!

  9. yeah, perfect definition of a deep blue funk...dig it and the eyes in that artwork...

  10. This is so hilarious. And true! Love the pic!