o much thanks to Lisa Allender, (see her under ‘linkers’) for bestowing this work with the One lovely Blog Award. Lisa is an ‘it’ poet in Atlanta, her roaming location is global. She writes and links to the Atlanta scene and of real and important concerns of us all. She is my favorite bleeding heart (in the positive "lets get it done" way)... and if I wasn’t one before, I have all of her reasons to be now.

ords are indeed my second language, but, becoming an ever more closer second. I do believe it is easier to misinterpret written word far more than spoken, since the tone is left up to the reader....makes for some lively, and sometimes misdirected comments. One thing is certain, though, everyone gets their say so on paper, or in this case, on the unlined screen. Even if it ends up being an unread paragraph for a nonexistent audience. The Zen of writing at our fingertips!

I knew an artisté whose art took the physical form of post card invitations to art opening extravaganzas around the world. Each of these A6 pieces of chrome coat had the back story of a thousand hours of processed art and the promise to inspire even the hardest of aesthetics. And, of course, there weren't any shows to open.

We need to release all of the marginally insane.


  1. You are fabulous. Your visuals are literary, and your words cinematic.

  2. Brava! E vero, tu fai bene questa Blog
    Indeed your writing is most interesting....
    I enjoy reading what you have added each time there is a new posting.
    Gives me courage!
    Lisa (the Canadian one)

  3. Hi Jayne--You are quite deserving of the One Lovely Blog Award.
    I completely agree that written word can be so misinterpreted, but because of that, it forces us writers to be extremely precise, and attentive to every detail....
    After that, it's completely up to the reader/viewer.
    Oh, and thanks for saying I'm a bleeding-heart who uh, makes you wanna be a bleeding-heart! ;)
    Peace, yo.

    word verification: sping
    I love when the word-verification sounds like something that should be a word, and/or like something I've just discussed. As in, my comments were sping-y.

  4. Lonnie, thanks for the never ending encouragement...

    Lisa S, Courage! I still remember your lion-in-Paris /Hundertwasser /boat story. Please revisit your long abandoned blog!

    Lisa A, Thanks again...I like that you said writers being 100 percent responsible for what is written, and the OTHER half is up to the reader. I feel the same i visual art.
    I share your enthusiasm for the word verifications. I gave someone an honest compliment recently and it came up DISHA!