Revisiting - friends come and go, move away, you exit from theirs. Some you barely know - but cant forget them - just walking into a room. Some remain with you your entire life. Others leave from your life, but later come back around again in ways you cant imagine.

Welcome the human condition traveling without a map or controls - the rest is deva vu and cryptomnesia. It’s all we can do.

Watch the wicked desk vu days - mentors are not always obvious.

What I learned today:

• Hand signals are not universal. 

• Balancing the act is something we come back to again + again.

• Reckoning words have changed meaning.

• You never know who’s life you are saving with your work, + you may never know.

Meraki Issue #8 is out and about.

 To my patrons who make the Meraki Issues project happen.

Thank you for your supporting the art work at hand + my work in particular.

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