Revisiting - friends come and go, move away, you exit from theirs. Some you barely know - but cant forget them - just walking into a room. Some remain with you your entire life. I do know that people change, times change, and relationships evolve and come back around in ways that we never expect, in ways we have no way of imagining.

Welcome the human condition traveling without a map or controls - the rest is deva vu and cryptomnesia. It’s all we can do.

Watch those wicked desk vu days - mentors are not always obvious.

What I learned today:

• Hand signals are not universal. 

• Balancing the act is something we come back to again + again.

• Reckoning words have changed meaning.

• You never know who’s life you are saving with your work, + you may never know.

Meraki Issue #8 is out and about.

 To my patrons who make the Meraki Issues project happen.

Thank you for your supporting the art work at hand + my work in particular.


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