Apologize, but —
I’m seeing businesses on line, in brick & mortar shops, in boxes; offering the commodity of  creative. Being taught the craft of being creative. Costing and tricking people into being creative. It’s yummy time - get those creatives juices flowing = GROSS! I get that it’s a tribe. I get that some people need to be pushed into a directive. I get that some people may be busting numbers around all day, dreaming of being artistic. But, numbers and paper-work sound like a break to me! Im looking for ways to get out of being creative.
      Actually that will be my next gimmick. 
                             Ask me for an uncreative solution.  
                                        Break it completely and throw it away.

                           Whoa, did I just write that out loud?
Working for, working with, working through —  it's all the same energy. 
Just sometimes someone is looking and paying, sometime not. 

If I ever felt like I didn’t have a purpose … I would need to work harder.  Or, I should have chosen something I imagine to have more purpose.

We all chose what we do, and we pay for it … David Walker said something like, years age as he calmly philosophized and designed in a costume shop corner — while I wrestled a hat into submission.
                                                                                                                                -— I'm sticking to it.

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  1. I get you. The reduction of the creative urge to product.