RoM 07 - #9/9 This is Only the Beginning.

I had come a long way to claim what would have been mine. It’s an orphan’s prize and didn’t expect any competition. It has always been a long distance. It’s only one beginning lying somewhere on a horizon that does not look like this one before me. That calm is the line that separates way off on the horizon, not front and center. 

It is another smoke sky cloudy day. You can't see the sun traveling so it remains a vague daytime until it is dark enough to be called night.

I quit chasing the horizon today.


  1. Ah, yeah! You're all in. :)

    Imma gonna go read now.

  2. Fitting, but...

    Argh! The first six parts of this are rock solid! Awesomeness on the page!

    The last three bug me a little... hmm... is that who Bug is? ;)

  3. Really like this. And for someone who struggled with two pathetic entries, admire you for hauling ass with 9. I need a road trip now. I feel exactly like this every time I get home from one.

  4. left a bit confused, which is nothing new to me... jumping horizon to horizon never answered riddles anyway. I loved so many of your sentences, that's gold