RoM 07 - #5/9  A Careening Rush

All next day and today, Bob-tee’s voice has been visiting me. What I had not heard before, replays clearly, careening and rushing around, banging within the confines of my mind. I have learned to conquer three things at a time. Five, if the tasks are not too onerous. But this is my limit. This  acratic character spoke out of turn, in riddles, in Shakespeare and in third person. This condition was a bit too much while driving. 

Keeping on the road was a picnic compared to staying on the mental track. He discussed magic levels and esoteric learning, while I pondered on the scar and what could have made it. While I passed ghost towns he was saying, You waste the treasure of your time. When I thought of even bad tricks having a strong imagination, his voice said,  There are no tricks in plain and simple faith. He played fantastic games by layering my thoughts and widening my mind … and he wasn’t even there. The rockets red glare will burn the dust in the atmosphere and choke the life out of everything. The leader must be able to send multiple messages to members. It is difficult to organize without this possibility.

Is he living inside a game? I’m past the age, that by just learning the multiplication table, my life will be made easier.

I hath no great devotion to this deed and yet he hath given me satisfying reasons.

I’ve given up confessing.


  1. I think... we have a contender. :)

  2. I need to give up these things. Conversations and thoughts with people no longer there but leaving an imprint anyway. I do like this.

  3. all next day and today...
    perhaps Bob slipped something into the coffee for fun