Randomness has been the newest normal.
I've always preferred mythology to history. Because history is made up of truths which eventually turn to lies. Mythology is made up of lies that eventually become truths. - Jean Cocteau

Check Engine light requires the dreaded Push Codes … or, Yea, Right.
#P0442/evap emissions system leak …aka she'll take the bait 
#P0507/idle air control higher per min … aka reel her in
#P0328/knock senior … aka basic sucker punch 

Arguing with  myself. 
Head vs. Heart
Reason vs. emotion
One side accused of being unreasonable the other of not caring.
Hah! "You can't fight in here! This is the war room!"  - Pres. Merkin Muffley / Dr. Strangelove

Everywhere the Queensbury rules do not apply, nor the hierarchy tidal rules of chess.

The bad news we are all going to double-ell. The good news is there's plenty of pillows in the basket.


  1. What is that "How to get there " thang? Love you. Understand. Oy. Did you say "cut the crap. I've got 10 dollars to spend. Make it GO"

  2. ha.. please don't fight in the war room... ;)

  3. I understand - BTW, decided FB wasn't for me anymore, but am still at the same address - Hope all is well = Cheers! M