My work hollers at me, I hear it loud and clear. Are there other ‘else’ brave enough to tell me they hear it, too? My work lives as thoughts. I have collected these thoughts over the years, categorizing them, comparing, taking notes on the notes.

They question me;
If you manifest me perfect, exactly what you want, if you EVER finally manifested the artwork perfect — would you be afraid to try again?

I nail them down with colorful glass-head pins, spread open on the cork board parading with the other though-captives and notice that some of them still twitch.


  1. i cannot imagine that it could happen... but if it did... i think i would try again to see if i could do it again!

  2. wow...interesting thought in the picture...i would hate to think there was a time i was done completely...i would def try again...set a new bar...ha...cool pic