Jumping into unstudied situations.

The fire flared up and fell – no one ran to catch it as it slid down the sharp incline of the hill destroying the gold that was so very hard to conjure. The flame powerfully snatched treasure in the mundane calm cycle of consuming, melting and defecating, leaving the left-behind to congeal into a big unrecognizable mess.

The simple rice bowl was broken and had a void that was never put together again in just the right way. There was a tiny chip missing that kept it from being mended properly. That negative space is now filled with gold — the perfect metal, the solar metal — to heighten its history and beauty.


He saw through the walls of fire with the intensity
of seeing something of great interest.
Even thought the other room was held empty,
of thought or purpose.


Picking through the fuselage she found a memory that was waiting to be unwrapped. She could feel the sharp edges under the charred swathe belying recognition. It had been abandoned long ago;  hoping it would find a new place to rest,  finding a home far away form the originator. 


  1. Very Wabi Sabi - Gold in the chip...

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    Wow. Just Wow. The last two stanzas hit like a brick. Your "poem" is mightier than the po boy.

  3. Lemony Snicket was the first thing I thought of when I saw this muse.
    I like this.

  4. Interesting. I like the repair of precious things with a precious thing. Finding something in wreckage is a bit like seeing an abandoned boot on the road though, rather sad and lonely.

  5. mesmerizing in the telling, and as usual, obtuse