Contemplative mind
Moment in time is magic
Highlands are between
The yearning and the learning
This will conjure up
An episode of kinda
Full of excuses
With emphasis on humane     

Attentive devout
Life is an algorithm
Warrior cloud heads east
History of logic is  
Full of dramatic
Episodes of eureka
That will lend credence
Well this is nothing like that  

Gathering feathers
Needing somewhere to place them
Currently commune
Words are not my first language
Compassion near by
Obvious not yours either
Plateau in the clouds
Ends unexpectedly soon.

If we cant escape our fears,
What then, will they do to us?

choka — for 10thdom


  1. Sorry Jayne, I've read this half a dozen times. Could be my poetry phobia, could be my gross ineptitude but I don't get it. I do like your blind pony though. (It's not true, they don't calm down when you cover their eyes, they freak out!)

  2. Words may not be you first language, but you are obviously bilingual.

  3. I apologize that this didn’t hit the mark with you, Helen.
    It seemed so clear when I was honing it.
    There is a built-in apology, but perhaps you are right, perhaps it is a process piecs better left inside the book and not put out there.
    = Thanks for having a couple gos with it.

  4. ok, having a hard time linking it to the muse...i see a blind jackass though at the end, which plays well with the closing question

  5. Sorry, I can't figure it out either, nor see the muse anywhere in it. Love the line "dramatic episodes of eureka," though. I've had a few of those...

  6. I'm seeing a rather scathing critique on religions and how they're created.

    But that might just be me...

  7. Hey my apologies people, perhaps I get lost in the moment sometimes and run past the larger (muse) picture.

    Jeff, you are indeed sitting the closest to it.

  8. I love the line:

    Words are not my fist language


  9. Fear of fear itself is what allows our Gods to control us ... blind leading the blind?

  10. i don't always understand your more poetic pieces, but i still enjoy the ebb and flow of the words. no exception here.

  11. I have to admit to being lost, a bit. It's only in reading the comments that I begin to understand.

  12. Words are not my first language
    Compassion near by
    Obvious not yours either

    I cry.
    Damn your good.

  13. I equate everything these days with politics. This works!