River of Mnemosyne 
10th Daughter of Memory
Muse 0 1 2 3 


muse 0
Greetings to you my acquiescence,
Regarding your last communication.
Yes, she had walked into the room and a minor chord went off in my head.
Regarded as a threat. Respected as a possible ally.
With this sound of doom impending I was already backed up against a wall so I had nowhere to go when she marched up to me, held out a hooked finger close to the corner of her eye,
I didn’t cotton she was asking for an idea. At first I reckoned she wanted to shoot up carbonated water, then thought better.
In addition, yea, I saw a cliché the other dream. It was you kneeling in the silver light.
I need to know what you will tell the police when they come around. You know, collaboration and all that.
Never forget there are entire books written without using the word gypsy,
See you in the ones I love.
I’m glad this is not a telegram or I could not afford it.
Don’t get up when there’s not a place to sit down,
Probably sooner then later.
Yer buddy in the alleyway and byways,
Teansie  Wheeze

Muse 1: 

Your arrogance appalling and your loudly ignoring my correspondence, annoying. Transmit word to me, via post or send a gram. Either way it will be too late. To my advantage, I will be notifying the authorities of your ‘specialty' out in the street.

You must know that putting strangers into the deep sleep and sending them into deep space puts you indeed into deep …  Well, you get the picture.

If the road up ahead bends to the right and keeps I’ll be seeing her black leather and purple lipstick soon, just not counting on it. As you are three steps ahead of her and she is two ahead of me that makes… well, just know I have lost sight of her and the entourage. They appear and disa in the most precise way, seemingly a herd of zebras skewing into camouflage at the right moments.
Quite unnerving.
Don’t answer the door if you’re not sure who it is, and only eat out of a can.

Muse 2:  
Even I will admit that putting Gavroche into a theater seat so when he gets shot onstage later it seems much more real, that he was’ just here’. The urchin did not wear noticeable armor and he was tragically mortal. However, all devices don’t go so smoothly. Some Burma-shave have gotten hit and may be pointing the in the wrong direction And any way the boy was simply a toothless angel in rags with his hands in his pockets and toes curled under at the edge of the stage compared to what prize you’ll receive. 
The Dada like messages require Dada like packaging if they are to float.  
The rub is not always coherent at times. 
It’s not over, 
TW, just another reluctant Titan. 
Or perhaps T. V. Titian? 
The brushes are wet, not sure of the subject, we’ll see before too long.

Muse 3:
Okay so I received your message. It was delivered in the Café Lutroo. The waiter placed it in front of my water glass and raised an eyebrow in expectation. The small envelope had been folded into the ‘finger’ suggesting the universal insult.
This bit of clever origami surprised me. Certainly not by the mundane message, but how clever you could be.  The way the stamp was placed as the fingernail pointing up.  I was not angered, but finished my victuals before handling the work. By that time there were a few inquires and zappers looking over my shoulder. Not wanting to disappoint any one but keeping within a spirit I put it in my jumper and skedaddled.
Gotta literally go,
Your Weazer


  1. I have missed your unique brand of inventiveness. Words for the love of them : I like it.

  2. ooo nice...interested to see where this one goes...gotta light...i will wait and see...smiles.

  3. Oy welcome aboard, thought you'd gone to ground! "Respected as an Alley?" Interesting.

  4. I'm glad this is not a telegram, I couldn't afford it.
    Can you imagine if our stories were telegrams? Billionares! L,L

  5. Glad to read some new words by you my dear, had been checking your blog for a missive and hoping your life is going well....

  6. "Never forget there are entire books written without using the word gypsy," That's my favorite line. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your story. This challenge is so much fun!

  7. Oh wow. I liked this through and through. Enjoyed your style very much

  8. Man I have to read your stuff twice to get an inkling. It's poetically beautiful but I have no idea what it means. Love the origami finger. Must practice that.

  9. An obscure tale of unrequited unrequittal?

    This is hypnotic.