Once a princess had a rambling birthmark in a rather tender space,
That a tattoo artist would have paid her to meander into place.

Generals traveled to her rear end as a sign-nee
Hoping to hold the squeaker that marked the X on her hinny.

As they planed an attacked on her stern with a bag over her head.
Blotting the atlas with red circles the soon to be dead.

Since the map creased and rose in a most particular latergy,
Consequently, the battle makers screwed the strategy.

The resignation sign hangs for a lost war rucked-up,
Not to worry because on the other side it says she ducked-up.

Therefore, never let it be said royalty does not do their duty,
This was a service of honor, not of looty.


  1. hahaha....that is a hoot...best laugh i had all day...

  2. omg this is awesome. if i had a vote, i'd vote you for the win right now!

  3. Awesome, it's my muse and I'm struggling. Well done ol bean.

  4. oh, great!
    x marks the spot indeed

  5. Obviously, this Muse spoke to you with urgency. I'not sure what to think about that...

    Well done, my friend.

  6. I am trying at being literal, yes? -J

  7. yes you are, but don't put on the brakes...