STONE is what it’s made of.

We found St. Peter’s square to be a rock growing out of the water, settling on grand, but undecided as whether or not to fully emerge.

The Carnival trip was designed around shooting  long exposure shots dressed as dark whirling Dervish on top of a canal bridge.

Pause for a blur of ingenious riot of costumes.

We awoke on a stone bench in the morning mist lost on the island of St. Peter’s. Carnivale was over. KB looked great in long johns and a tux shirt with the collar up and the french cuffs down to accommodate his lengthy arms. He carried himself like a dancer and when he stopped he looked as though he were posing.

Those images are vividly burned into my mind because the film had not advanced.

There isn’t proof any of it ever happening.


  1. Got me thinking there dear Jayne, of bridges over canals, stone cities , handsome men posing, encounters...seems like lifetimes ago... wondering how, as in my latest alchemical drawings , I can draw the lover, mysterious and yes, posing, to come closer, come hither...

  2. well i feel a bit like i fell down the rabbit hole to the carnivale...smiles. and intriguing pic to use for stone...smiles.

  3. Wow what words - stone deciding whether or not to grow/come out fully

  4. Where is the starting point and what predetermined images direct our attention? I'm ok with chaos as long as there is an intelligent grounding....

  5. Damn film. Eh, who needs proof when you have memory and imagination? ;)