He stirred his oatmeal, stubbed his toe, and had a nagging feeling of missing an appointment... years ago.
You can watch and wait for water to boil, it will only take time. You will need 3.10 minutes. Below is a recipe for ‘no time for breakfast.’
0 eggs
0 olive oil
1. Do not turn on an oiled pan to medium heat.
2. Do not scramble egg till frothy and pour into pan.
3. Do not flip over sink in case of error.
4. Do not fold in half.
5. Finished.
To turn a situation into a happy ending you may have to look at it a long time. Walk all the way around it. A big problem could mean a very long walk. Try it on without expecting it to fit. Throw it out and see how it lands. If it will only be just what it is, stubborn and unchangeable, then let it go. Sometimes there is not a happy ending.

from Parallel Line Tend to Neglect


  1. long walks are the thing for me...though waffles definitely dont hurt...not sure about art on them though...lol.

  2. It sold that way,a selling device?, at the market...

  3. how beautiful is that..sad and beautiful. I can so relate to this.

  4. There is enough here to keep me thinking right through breakfast and right up till lunchtime.

  5. Great post. So short yet so much in it. Definitely, like Alan sai, enough to keep me thinking right through dinner!

  6. What's that saying "A watched pot never boils" best to just get on with it.I never try anything on . . and of course it rarely fits. Ad if throwing it out and seeing how it lands doesn't work you could toss it on the tarmac and see if it sticks.

  7. That is very zen. I like it. Wish I could implement into regular practice.

  8. long as he didn't STIR the oatmeal with his yoe

  9. makes me hungry just thinking of it. hungry and depressed

  10. Need I say, I like it?

    We have a quilter friend (older) who's husband is now on his last few days dealing with a cancer growth behind his ear (most distressing to see) that was told a few months ago was gone, but obviously wasn't.

    Went to see him last night and he was in and out of being awake.

    He Thanks us for coming and said he probably wouldn't be around for Thanksgiving.

    He appeared "angelic" and "childlike" for lack of a better way to say it.

    Life comes and goes, some do it better than others.

    That's how I hope to do it.

    Did I say I like this post?


  11. geez, I have had a lot of those walks lately...

  12. Baino, interesting addition.

    Michael, Grace is an awesome thing to behold. I wish I came across it more often. Yet, not with the loss you are mentioning here. Yet, perhaps it is the only way to see.

  13. no waiting for happy endings is the best you can do....noticing happy things in real now life is a happy ending as such.


  14. "Parallel lines tend to neglect" I like that: just the right balance of geometry and horticulture :)
    I'm off to make breakfast: 2 eggs 2 bacon 2 sausage - time spend wisely in preparation for the day ;D

  15. thank you, I`m checking out yours now, lovely paintings. Bye, Malin/Körsbär

  16. mm..

    Wish I read that 15 years ago, i'd have stopped walking by now.