I have been thinking about Escape Speed lately.
What it takes, to make us (proverbially and really) get up, out the door, over the comfort threshold and onto our next adventure. Perhaps just out of the way so the door may close...
But, Sometimes dramatic. Expelling oneself and forgetting to look back until everything is so very tiny that when you turn for a look-see all has transformed. But of course it was you doing the transformation.
Drugs can do this. (I did not say that.)
But I will say this about the Escape Velocity.....
I’m guilty of using it’s potency in the past. Moving to the coast, to coast, to coast, and then eventually back to the other coast. Sort of pinging in space, never landing for long. I’m sure it took up a bunch of time and energy, but, when I look back on it - a flash. A lot can happen in a jiffy.
Sophomoric, I know.
But there you have it. Once, and again, the human condition.

“I practice active fleeing in my mind,” I said.
He leaned into me and whispered, “I know.”
He wasn’t kidding he had known.

Change that happens positively,
is not irreversible.


  1. I like that. I could really use escape velocity right now.

  2. I was just reading a book on crativity with a bunch of iconic figures dishing oh the creative process and transformation and it seems that given a jillion variables from alphabets to artistic mediums the average artist can come up with something different, (if not new), to add to what already is. The truly unique, world altering change comes from out of the blue somewhere when the mind and spirit co-operate to go in an entirely new direction, already mapped out & ready for the taking from some observant pilgrim. On a personal level this news is both disappointing and liberating. I figure if I keep on the journey, that's cool. If I ever arrive that will be cool too.

  3. i pinged around a bit myself...and it has been a bit o a time accepting settling down a bit...but now not looking for the door...just yet...

  4. I prefer escape velocity. Escape speed is directionless. ;)

  5. jayne, jayne... how i do appreciate your words...

    escape velocity is a mystery to me. it seems to just happen.

  6. a Single Change that is so profound & fixed ,that it prevents further Change is a poor beast.
    Yes!!! I like the sound of word such as "not irreversible" & "DYNAMIC" !

  7. Interesting. I have been known to have the wander bug in the past and moved city 7 times in a 2.5 year period a few years ago. But then, I was only chasing the greener grass and fresh ideas. When I really needed to be able to escape bad times, move forward and not look back, I found that I was at an emotional and physical standstill incapable of organising my thoughts never mind an escape. Maybe escaping would have left me isolated when I needed support the most?

  8. The escape will make space. Your big bag will always have the right things in it. Velocity indeed.
    Escape means you went deep in to the forest, and that is ok.
    All the knowledge comes with you, burdens abandoned.

  9. Thank you for the comments and angles.

    Marie, Thanks for the thoughtfulls.

    Jasmine, Interesting take. I think escape does mean, for me, escaping to and escaping from. Bittersweet to leave behind, and looking forward to another step. For me, isolation/support ... I do tend to live in my head.

    Lonnie, you say it well.

  10. If it wasn't for change we'd all be standing still.
    If it wasn't for speed the dancefloor would be empty.

  11. i'm glad it's not irreversible. to quote, give me whatever she's having.

  12. Escape velocity . . hmmm I will, about 3:30pm tomorrow, wish me luck. As for change? Can't come quick enough for me I hate stasis.

  13. I get to point of no return, I corner myself, then leap out at everything making a complete mess then revelling in the freedom. I like to think I can leave at any time... but when it comes to the crunch, I need a catalyst!

  14. thats just what I'm trying to generate, enough escape velocity to project me into the next phase.
    many thanks for the comment left on my blog.