Well, gee, it’s been a while. Enough about that. 

You know how some things keep coming around again? 

Well, prayer ties, of a sort, have been in my work for a long while.

I use to, and again, print them onto tattered fabric strips and cinch them around iron bars and tree limbs while on walks around NYC. Whenever I was visiting a museum, a library, a park. Places I felt needed a tie for someone to serendipitously find.

I do remember securing them to platform bars near subway artist’s work. Herring's early work was around at the time. The subways would blow by making them float up  sending the prayers into the tunnel system.

Here are a few below, as I’ve just been reworking them into a small folded book of flyers to be cut up. 
Cut & Scatter Prayer Ties 
If you don’t want it to be true, change it.
It’s not important to have reasons all of the time.  
Be prepared for cliffs and sharp moments. 
Response / responsible / responsibility. 
Be sure of distance, and space will become flat.
Truth can always be repeated, because it can never be stated once and for all. 

There you go, something to chew on.


  1. ha. love those little bits of wisdom you dropped there...much to ponder...hmmm...

  2. I remember seeing prayer ties on a tree for the first time in '73 when I spent the summer in Japan. It's such a lovely ritual.

    I love the one about the reasons.

  3. I love those prayer ties. It is great work that you do! Blessed be.

  4. Chew, chew, chew...never seen any meself but I like the taste of the second one here, in particular ;)

  5. oh!
    Is that what my little tags are?

    Small parcels of hope and wisdom with colorful ties to tie it on to something?

    thanks for giving them a name..will have to look up.

  6. Yes, prayers - prayer ties - . that's what we are all doing here, religion or not.

  7. "We are all angels where our wings meet"
    Jayne Harnett Hargrove

  8. I reckon we never have enough of them. -j

  9. I've never seen prayer ties, but i love the idea. And yout prayers are great!

    I'm glad you've received the card. :-)

  10. Your Post Reminds me of thisphoto I took in Istanbul as few years ago.Notice behind the Lad's head? The trees were covered in what i assumed were prayer-ties.which ,I guess, means its a concept in Islam too?

  11. have you ever heard about Loesje http://www.loesje.org/
    it's great and your post reminds of it!

  12. What a lovely idea.
    I've enjoyed looking through your blogs.....great artwork!

    And I share with you a fondness for Crete; been there 3 times and will definitely go again :-)