I’ve lost a lawnmower.

Mysteriously, we have all lost things and found other’s stuff.
I do not like this universal swapping thingy.
I’d like to have back the things I have lost over the years before I get too old to remember the use and in what designated project.

Jaw of a horse. I lost ‘Bucky’ three or four moves ago.
A roll of fabric that was a heavy canvas weave and the warp was a fine gauge wire copper. So when the cotton was burned out, left behind was an incredibly apocalyptic looking cloth.
A very old charcoal drawing, executed on gray paper of the head of a young girl copied from one of the old masters.

Isn't it weird how we find things lost?

I excel at pretending I’m somewhere else.
No biggie.
Just sayin’.

Happy mystery TT.


  1. HA! jayne! so many giggles here... but seriously, this universal swapping out thing is, well, *something* isn't it? i'm currently looking for a big piece of green beach glass that used to be on the bookshelf not 10' from me. gone! on the other hand, an indonesian coin that's been missing for months showed up outside on the ground today....

    that cloth with the copper warp threads - jeez, i would be seriously looking for that (not that it would do any good).

  2. that's a great talent, being somewhere else--i could use that, better not lose it.

  3. thats like the pic of a crime scene...who killed the mower...

    did you say you are missing a jaw bone?

    i love finding things i thought lost..

  4. Great post! :-) What amazes me most is how you find back lost things on most unexpected places.

    There are many socks lost and i've never found one back. As if the washmachine is eating them.

    Pretendening like younare somewhere else, that sounds good, i love daydreaming about other places.

    And, i picked you out of my hat Jayne, you won a card. Check out on my blog.

    Sweet greetz, Momo Luna

  5. Jaw of a horse. Now that sounds like something you'd find at Willow Manor.

  6. Lynne, I will share the cloth if I ever find it!

    Momo, Thanks so very much! I'm on my way over... I've been wanting to do a give away, but i don't know if I have anything anyone would want!

    Willow, Did you 'borrow' my horse jaw???

  7. I wish I'd lose the elephant in my living room!

  8. I love to find the jaw of the horsea. I always end up with the ass.

  9. I excel at that as well...usually every time I open a book ( currently in pre-WWII Baden-Baden...don't ask, heh )

    And yeah, so many things I'd like to 'ave back!

  10. OK, I'll let you have your lawn-mower back if you let me have that extra-strong multi-hole punch I lost a few years back. I have no evidence it was you that was responsible, but I have my suspicions.

  11. did you ever see the video, lost things? go to utube.

  12. Ha! I have mysteries like this all the time! :)

  13. My family members have such all the time, I am the one who can solve them, simply by looking harder and seeing more closely...

    wonderful theme take!

  14. Books are the worst for doing that...my favorite book of poetry by favorite poet is no longer with me.

  15. Alan! I'm so sorry, the person I got that from told me that they had 'found' it! -J

    Cat, Thanks for the heads-up. I'll check it out. -J

  16. Having just gone through a move I have lost the casters to my bed. I have 5 of the 6. Now where do you suppose it got off to?

    Also not found in this move my dutch oven. Do you reckon the Dutch came and took it back?

    If I find your lawn mower or cloth I will let you know.

  17. I spent months looking for my favorite bookmark which I knew to be on a particular book I was reading. Both have been found in the most unlikely place. Loved your post.

  18. Ha I excel at pretending too! My fantasy life is so much better than my real one. Missing a lawn mower takes the cake although someone nicked a 5 litre bottle of whiskey from the bar and nobody's confessing!

  19. That fabric sounds most interesting. It would make for a fantastic dress sculpture.
    Thank you for visiting Memories of a Dress and leaving a comment. If you have a memory that you'd like to share, please consider sending me a photo and your story. You have such an interesting background and a beautiful blog.

  20. "finding" that something is lost
    is as ridiculous as
    "falling" pregnant