Disinherit Praise

Cultivate stamina.

I believe in a spider check before bedtime.
I believe in the music so loud you can feel it.
I believe in the drama on the stage.
I believe in the colors of wavelength.
I do believe that experimenting in other mediums gives energy in your primary work.
I believe in stepping out of the usual color box.
Again and again.

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation. -Eileen Caddy


  1. i agree with experimenting with other mediums...it has helped me immensely. i also love the music loud. nice post.

  2. Conrad Aiken says (somewhere):

    Hang up your soul for the intrusion of the wind.

  3. I believe that this is awesome.

  4. You must have a lot of spiders where you live? I never do a bug check!

  5. I'm into toast art at the moment.

  6. Great quote and I'm continuing to work on the "thinking" aspect before doing, hence my "not showing" what I am working on book wise yet ; (

    Reminds me of the paul simon song: Think Too Much


  7. I keep coming back to this, looking at it and trying to come up with a meaningful comment. I can't think of the words that would do justice to the feeling of mystery I get when I enlarge it as far as it will go and fill my computer screen with it.

  8. Your blog really is thought provoking; I'll be back often. I loved what you stated about experimenting with other mediums. Thanks for paying me a visit :)

  9. Ciao Jayne, I love to use many different media; at the same time....I play one off another, whether it be a sculpture in wax, an oil painting, a watercolour, a found object sculpture or a dead dog with a bologne.tongue for a film... Tutti divertenti!

  10. disinherit praise - yes!

    eileen caddy's quote... YES!!

    this painting is delicious...