Somehow feeling the need to vindicate myself,
for the moment, and say that I can draw ‘sweet’ also.

I naturally go toward the asymmetrical in design work.
Actually have to think or rethink into ‘symmetrical’ to work something in that way. As some folks naturally see the symmetrical, and then work through that onto the asymmetric side of things.
Do you get what I mean?


  1. Well.I cant draw for toffee but...I get your drift!

  2. yeah, get it and the angels are great...

  3. Jayne : you couldn't draw "sweet" even if you tried (where "sweet" = lifeless pap). The angels are full of life, mischief and mystery. They look as though they have wandered into the drawing on their way from one of your other splendid creations where, no doubt, they will have been up to no good at all.

  4. jayne, i have no doubt that you can draw ANYthing! what a fantastic drawer you are...

    i think i see the symmetrical initially, and drawing with my left hand is probably my way of getting beyond that.

  5. Alan,
    You make me smile, and man, you sure can read into things! I reckon, rightly.

    Alas, If I could I'd probably want to be a story-board artist!

  6. I can't paint or draw but, as a bodyworker,
    I am always looking at the asymmetry in the body and seeking to achieve symmetry.

  7. Your blog gives me energy and your creativity..... me like! My compliments!

    Agneta, the Swedish one

  8. very nice..and i know what you are saying...

  9. nah. i just vomit onto a blank page. but i do like your cherubs, they are goofing off!

  10. Not sweet, but Sa-weet!Your cherub-angels are a wee bit naughty! :)
    When I think "symmetry", I'm thinking poetic form--like how haikus(5-7-5 syllables) are "balanced". And how they are "quicker" for me to create,becausethey HAVE a form.... it forces me to be "concise".

  11. Sweet?

    Cherubs freak me out!!!