Moving into different digs this week and so do not know when I’ll be peering in again. While I was shuffling and purging I found this note in an old note book...it is legible and no misspellings, so I did not write it. (hah, Lonnie!)

Not so much an urgent plea... the tentative nature of this is more of a reminder than a mishap. But it seems like an appropriate symbol of the relocation-orientation.

A short while ago I received a kudos nod in the form of the sunshine award from Catherine.
She writes an eye-candy of a blog, A THOUSAND CLAPPING HANDS. It is easy to imagine her to be the most genteel blogger out there. Actually Blogger is a coarse name for what she does.... and a she must have impeccable taste, she picked me! (just part of her great link-list)

"...amid a flock of pigeons that I think of today as being like so many slaps in the face, whereas they seemed to me at the time like a foretaste of a thousand clapping hands." -Jean Cocteau

I am suppose to say things about myself, but I reckon you know enough, and I will pass the award on at a later date as I need to put the computer in a box.


  1. Dearest Jayne,
    Good luck with your translocation. I am enjoying your writings and images, looking forward to this next period to write and paint again with vigour... heading back to my lttle hideaway in Montreal Monday.
    Poppi my puppy is bringing me great joy.
    Bacione, Lisa

  2. hope the move goes well...an intriguing note...bet there could be a great story in that...

  3. Brian may have something here...and yes, do have a worry-some free move :)

  4. Intriguing note. May your move go down easily. May your awards keep coming. May your computer get out of the box soon.

  5. just read something about notes, etc found in books over at TYWKIWDBI; Money, notes, bacon.
    My mom bought a book from a school library that my wife had checked out as a little girl--old nursery rhymes.
    Your note is so cryptic...but i imagine it meant something at one time.
    I think i'll start leaving stuff in library books...

  6. Dont Put The Computer in the Same Box as you Put #5!

  7. thats a great found note.

    Hope the preparations/move etc. all goes well.

  8. greetings, jayne! yes, many best wishes for your move - and having been a frequent mover in my own life, i can really appreciate finding that little scribbled note tucked away and long forgot and then the re-living of the memory - great fun - will be thinking of you, lady! and don't forget, all those unpacked boxes will still be there waiting to be unpacked when you get ready to do the unpacking! ;)

  9. Good luck. hate moving though who likes it? (I mean the process, really). Will see you when we do.