“You write like you just got out of prison.”
(The most interesting compliment of opening night.)

Inner drafts and outer climates.
...Food went in, art came out.
Usually austere in the face of her Saturnine humors, when she felt them creeping up she could be bitterly sarcastic, giving way to a melancholy that left her wondering if the black bile came from one’s mind, not gut.

The images in the corners of the intellect remain.
I never flinch at what is produced in the cryptic dissolve of my mind.

In isolation she met with psychosis, from time to time, which led to intense hallucinations.
Complex, intricate and intense. The deranged mind is sitting inside a howling cyclone. Turn the music up to calm thoughts and focus.
They say very articulate things, very strangely.

Apparent horror vacui. A suffocating atmosphere and clutter are shown by filling every space with drawn imagery. Yet, every sheet contained an empty hole known to her as eggs. Open for spirit’s escape. She entered into the art through the same device. Ghost signing her name with a 8H pencil. Progressing herself by transforming from a child to Knight to Emperor and finally to Saint.
Life planned as escape. I can’t die yet, I haven’t painted my Danaë.
She had been busy for years backing into a corner nest. Hatching escape plans and not getting caught, yet. Nor freed.
The stress of not moving only exaggerated her minds eye flying out over the fabric of the earth.

Purely decorative images held deep iconoclastic and idiosyncratic meaning.
Of course she was usually the only one looking.
Go ahead, ignore me...

From THE PAPER DOLL STORIES: life profiles & confessions.


  1. Good gracious. I feel as though I fell asleep on Monday and woke up on Thursday. Things seem unfamiliar, I have lost track of the narrative. Everything has a different meaning. How strange.

  2. A Change In The Direction of the Breeze? a Cold Front?

  3. ...but isn't all sarcasm bitter anyway?

    And speaking of decorative images...love the new header pic :)

  4. Hatching escape plans and not getting caught, yet. Nor freed.

    these lines especially resonate...

  5. gripping...and like the artwork as well. Happy TT

  6. Ohhhhh...in the words of David Cassidy, I think I love you!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by! I will peruse your older posts...

    I like the way you think, too.

    xo, Mango

  7. swirling around like like a wind storm in the baked flatlands...very nicely done!

  8. Your number four has arrested my attention*!*

  9. Yes, I think this is a change in direction, no?

  10. My inner vision twists
    Trying to follow your thoughts.
    The imagery, amazing.

    Happy TT

  11. There is an ongoing debate in my mind about whether art is a an attempt at escape or an attempt to gain more intimate knowledge of the world or self - perhaps the two are not mutually exclusive.

  12. Thanks for stopping by, what adjectives!

    Susan, I do believe there is an aesthetic difference in essence art and personality art.

  13. I love your writing. There is an ongoing debate right now, escape or throw ourselves in...? For my part I'd like to escape :)

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Love your work!!

  15. Mesmerizing...Perhaps the individual who said you write as though just freed from prison was considering...

    Hatching escape plans and not getting caught yet. Nor freed.

    That line resonates with me as well...

  16. I missed your great writing! It's good to be back :)


  17. I like the diff angle you took with this too. Aren't we both so clever? :)

  18. very cool blog here. nice style you have.

  19. Jayne,
    Your art is absolutely stunning!! I am inspired and I'm in awe as well!! And the excerpt you included in your post extraordinarily thought provoking! Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words and well-wishes!! It means a great deal to me!!! And I wish all the best to you and yours. ~Janine XO

    P.S. I'll come for a visit again once I kick my post-operative pain killers!

  20. This post really caught my attention.

  21. I was going to comment on the top post but i couldn't resist your quote, "You write like you just got out of prison." I love that. I can't explain it but i do. :)