recognized two cars today from friends who are no longer around. I don’t put much interest or notice in cars, unless they are old enough to have an individual quality. After a certain make year they all start to look alike to me (sorry). But I do identify the car with the person. Having seen an auto pull up the drive numerous times triggering an anxious expectation of the an ally emerging from the drivers seat.

Spirituality aside, (if its possible to put it aside) I often have a sit with the dead people I miss. Sometime I forget I’m not dead yet and that the tub is running over! I am much too phobic to have as serene a view of death. Knowing more people who have passed on makes it easier to sense the other side. To commune. And in doing so, become less afraid to follow over.

A confidant and I were talking. Perhaps you are right and you are...death makes us look at our own lives in a different way.
An odd chapter in a bad novel. The type of therapy where you must review all of your past tragedies before you can get down to business.
Whoa, where am I?

Funny how these things work out.
Coinkie-dinks and title-waves.


  1. There are a few dead people that I would like to have a chat with, too!

  2. interesting post. how we view death in many ways shapes our cocerns with death. i figure my time will come...

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