y dear friends can attest that I scare easily.
And I tend to personify everything, anything.

It was an unusually gusty day even for the desert. Up on the hill road a titanic trampoline compete with safety net has jumped its retainer wall and is bouncing across the road. The weight of it’s own landing has bent the legs and formed knee joints that look like Pop-eye’s elbows. The aberration has crushed on its weight and looking like a monstrous bogey spider scurrying as the wind skitters it across the blacktop.

Ghost in the machine.
ive up the hallowed ghost.

The animating spirit of us all.

He hoped he would be able to mind his own business in the hereafter, she had made that very VERY CLEAR.
“If you die before me, do not come back if you feel the need to tell me something, DO NOT haunt me. I will not understand. I will quickly and simply say, GO TO REGRESSION.”

hosts before breakfast.

These mornings I wake up before the break of day. I’ll sit in this predawn darkness, resisting the impulse to do anything. It’s now that I remember people, their words, the sound of their words and the color of the sound. Each harkens back to a ghost of a memory, trips back, skips back farther and farther until there is no place else to go, except round to the now. And I like to wonder why, through this mental synaesthesia, I thought of them today, this minute.

"I want to go to heaven without dying to hear Judy Garland sing."
Chloe Mae

Never sleep under a used pall without sageing it first.


  1. It's A Wonder Where Memories & Ghosts Come From........Maybe We Ask The Wrong Questions? Instead of Why? OR How? we could ask
    'Why Now?'
    Great Post
    [ps word verification is imitiona !]

  2. Happy Early TT!

    I love the picture. I don't actually believe in ghosts but I love hearing stories about them (with company!)

    Have a great day

  3. Tony,
    Thanks for the thoughtful reflection. Love those verifications. -Jayne

    Marianna, mmmmmm...phantom, spirit, illusion, apparition, shadow...maybe it's the 'ghost' word you don't believe in?

    See you both on tt!

  4. I best go and plant some sage in the back garden.


  5. Ghosts before breakfast. Why is it they prefer that pre-dawn time?

  6. scaredy cats (and mice)unite!

    amazing image!

    good advice about where sleeping under a pall

  7. I have goosebumps! Neat photo, too!

  8. haunted by a ghost of a memory...i get those...

    great post!

  9. Why do we fear ghosts? Isn't it demons that are harmful?

  10. Jane I'm glad you made it clear you're a "Jane" apologies for the masculine reference last week. Now one of my threats to people is "I'll come back and haunt you". . .although I'll probably be feeding worms. No I'll definiely be feeding worms. For me ghosts are memories, nothing more, nothing less.

  11. sageing it? intruiging, I must google...

  12. love the welcome sign under the ghost. Even a ghost could use a friend

  13. Hi Jayne!Love the photo...
    I love that quote from Chloe-Mae.... It made me feel all watery-eyed. ;)