I dreamed someone was calling me to hurry up. He was high on a hill and moving fast, with head turned back, painfully watching my progress. I needed to cover my feet and was lost in a mountain of shoes. None would fit. No two would match...

It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe. - Muhammad Ali

he cabbie zooms by a costume shop named Just Decide. A restaurant called Food. A leather place run by Hell’s Angels that touted a teetering lineup of hogs on the front sidewalk. Tiny, the tallest Angel, wore boots covered with retablos, buckles and buttons. Scraps scavenged from the shoes he repaired. This layer, in turn, was covered with the dust of his exploits...

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. -Charles Spurgeon

e harbor sorrow inside of the body. We have to expect a leak. Maybe I will learn to wear sorrow as shoes. Under the bottom of my feet, like an ancient Egyptian, drawing a likeness on the inner soles of my sandals, symbolically crushing the enemy with every step. I’ve tried and tried again and again to work through it. Over it, around it, in front and behind it. Now I’m going to work beside it and see if I can manage it...

I met in the street a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, his cloak was out at the elbows, the water passed through his shoes, - and the stars through his soul. -Victor Hugo

pace is vast The road is limited.
Have you seen the shoe tree? With its boughs bowing and swaying with the weigh of sneakers, pumps, sandals flapping, stilettos, a golf shoe, a fuzzy chartreuse slipper an ice skate, Manolos, it become the texture of shoe....You hit on wondering where the mates were to all those brogans. Is there is the sister tree? It is somewhere on the north-bound side, heading up Routs 44 in the Mohave desert. Along near, but after Amboy, and Needles..Such an incredible landmark is wasted, seen as a mirage, you don't stop for photos. Thinking only when the tattered image is a pinpoint in the rearview mirror that perhaps the wayside shoe shrine really dd exist.

How strange, when your father's wearing women's clothes and platform shoes, that a pair of loafers looks incredible. -Moon Unit Zappa


  1. Hello Jayne

    Thanks for dropping into my place. Last night I watched 'The Reader' with Kate Winslet and your vignettes brought to mind the huge piles of shoes stored in the wire cages in the concentration camp scene...

    At present I am wearing one sock and one shoe and on the other foot a moonboot. It is very timely as we have just been reminiscing on the 40 years ago moon event and it will also be very momentous for me - when it comes off and I take the first step for recovery...

    Happy days

  2. I am glad Delwyn has already christened your pieces "vignettes" because I was searching for the right term and that is it. I really like the style : it's like a tray of hand-made chocolates.

  3. I would MOST CERTAINLY go into a shoppe called "Just Decide."

  4. I love the Moon Unit quote! Wouldn't that be the case?


  5. I love the Victor Hugo quote because it's so true. I used to tell my friends who were engaged that they could show up in jeans at their wedding and people would say it was the most beautiful wedding because they were in love.

  6. wow. whirl wind piece and loved every minute of it. happy TT!

  7. Delwyn,
    Thanks back at you...hope you are fit soon.

    just the mention of hand-made chocolates makes my knees go weak!

    Jill, Poetikat,Betsy, thanks for stopping in!

    Kate, Yes, VH has many, many gems.

    Brian, Thanks for the compliment.

  8. Your writing is fantastic. I really enjoyed it. What is a retablo btw? I'm too lazy to look it up.

  9. Terrific combination of mental images you've conjured up here!

  10. Very artistic way of talking about shoes, I am still wondering how you wove Moon Zappa into it!

  11. fantabulous...quite looking forward to perusing your blog further! Thanks for stopping over, and happy TT!

  12. Lovely sentiments. How the heck did you find all those shoe quotes?

  13. My comment cannot match Albert Einstein, but..

    Wow. WOW! I loved this post- so much to think about. I am guessing the pieces in larger print are your own original writings. I am really glad to have found you, and will be back (as I love reading prose, poetry; all the wonderful original stuff you chance across on blogger).

  14. Jayne, well done! Love the Hugo and Zappa quotes :) And I think Tom has up a snap of that tree?

  15. Lovely.

    As for the shoe tree, oh, things are preserved in different ways.

  16. Thank you all for stopping in....

    California Girl...retablos are symbols of giving thanks for divine intervention on your behalf, more ofr less. You've seen them as tin or wood charms.

    JeffScape...I keep a team in case I need them at a moments notice!(I wish)

    Cinnamon...Thanks so very much! Yes, the large words are mine.

    Subby...I can't find the tree pic you mean. But confirmed it is the one near Amboy, I reckon there are many out there.

  17. Jayne, there's more than one? And this kinda reminds me of the horse-shoe above the door thingy. Too, hex symbols on barns can still be found...very interesting...

  18. You do have an unusual and compelling turn of phrase Jayne. Very descriptive. Loved the biker's boots! Although a dream where I couldn't find a matching pair is a bit like my washing experience with socks. Where the hell do they go?

  19. i'm certainly having a think

    what a marvellous post
    i'm thinking especially about the Sorrow paragraph

    and as for the shoe shrine, there is a matching tree I know of in East London

  20. Im VERY late TT-Wise!SORRY.........I love all your vignettes & Quotes.
    Regards Tony.

  21. BTW, what's the significance of the 55?